Food industry

Your diet and your well being are very important to us. For this reason, GEFICCA offers hygienic, traceability and safety solutions for the food industry (FDA, CE 1935 -2004, ROHS) and drinking water (ACS, KTW, W270, WRAS). GEFICCA is a trusted provider of elastomer products for medical use, such as the equipment for operating theatres and individual patient services. We also offer a wide range of natural rubber teats (without nitrosamines) for child care.

What we are proficient at

• Design & Design Support
• Qualification of High Performance materials
• Bio-compatible materials
• Wide range of approved silicones *

* Silicone UL from HB to VO

Examples of applications

Seal of ovens and autoclaves
Pump Impellers
Natural rubber teats for child care industry
Hole joints Seals
Operating room and SAP equipment

Next market
Home appliances equipments