Injection molding

GEFICCA utilizes injection molding to manufacture molds of all sizes and a diverse range of weights (under 1 g / greater than 100 kgs). This also allows for variable hardness (20 to 90 shA) and standard or custom-made materials (EPDM, natural rubber, Silicone, nytrile, butyl, polychloroprene, etc.)

How it works ?

The press is loaded with continuous raw rubber bands, preheated in a sheath before being automatically injected into the mold cavities. The molding cycle time depends on the nature of the elastomer and to the part geometry. When the vulcanization is complete, the rubber part is removed from the mold and then checked.

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Production capacities

• Injection presses from 20T to 500T
• Recent machinery, renewed regularly
• Integration of new technologies
• Specific equipment on presses:
— automatic mold release kit
— hydraulic cylinder
— heated trays

Parts examples